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A Prelude to Phillie's long-awaited solo debut album, "Welcome To The Detroit Zoo". This is a collection of past works and new music performed by or featuring Phillie. Also includes a sneak peak at the Bronze Nazareth produced solo effort by Phillie. Stay in Tune!


released June 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Phillie (of the Wisemen) Detroit, Michigan

Growing up in the infamous 'numbers' streets, a rough set of blocks in Southwest Detroit, Phillie learned to use his intellect and innate street savvy to contend with the hazards of street life.
After years of battling and testing his skill in the streets of Detroit, a chance meeting with producer Bronze Nazareth culminated in Phillie's addition to the Wisemen, and his musical rise! Stay Tuned!
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Track Name: Who Are You?
verse 1
niggaz is puppets for the public.-
i inhale helium. trying to rise above it.-
So tell me how you see'in'em! I rose to thee occasion.-
& before tigga, i brought flows from the basement.-
whose in my way? nelly, nas or jay?
i came to take the spot. like it or not-
Watch! time is money & im raceing the clock.-
soo much talent in the streetz, had me chaseing the bloc.-
so i left dope alone, the stroll & the gunz.-
concentrated on rap & stacking my 1's-
(What the fuck!) Who's this keep yellin pac's name?
like his blood run sraight thru yall veins-
it's just a gateway for y'all to get more fans-
no gimmicks wit mine & for a limited time,-
i'll let yall shine, then darken your career-
what's the past is the past (dude)this is my year.(move!)
make way for the king of detroit city-
not royce da 5'9" nor marshall it's me. Phillies!-
a thousand pair's of eye's could'nt see phillies-
& even if i'm soning you, can't be phillies!-
Who R U?
hustla, thief or crook?-
rapper, gun clapper? take another look-
what you think you see aint what you see!-
regaurdless! money is thee objection. no question-
Verse 2
niggaz is gased up. fantasy living-
listen it's way too hot in here. stay out the kitchen!-
im seriuos man. how you gon play wit the system?
Get'cha grams up! acting like you're the victim-
you ain't paid dues. you sitting on yor ass @ home-
while niggaz like me my niggaz carry the load?
they say one gets what one deserves.-
your crew a charity case. i'm action without words-
i'm stevie franchies. i see through these rap guys-
i'm eating eating mc's. you're reeses pieces in snack size-
can't ignor what phillies bring to the table-
it's cooked & ready to serve. i've put in work for my label-
i feel i deserve, to be one of raps elite-
my spots reserved, but first,I'll capture the streetz!-
there ain't a nigga in the D causing havoc but me-
if it ain't dough? don't matter to me!-
i'm aiming for the top! you a step latter to me-
they know P from the block! i'll shatter you're screen-
lil wanna be's. CD thugs on T.V.-
i'm bringing the whole Motor city wit me. (it's phillies!)-
Verse 3
Rage! silent murders cock the guage! blaze the phill-
i'm & watch me spit venom in here-
my alliance when i'm writing's my pen. this life of sin?
got me clutching gats, wit the law on my back-
i'm wildin! like teenager filled with anger-
belle island! where you would be sure to find danger-
i came up wit thugs even them murder mommies-
they all posse. want beef? they all got me-
yo crew sloppy. pussy probably, killumanati! -
you can't stop me. the best you can do is copy.-
or six-shot me! further more, i play the boss-
my reptoire's :what ever want, i can get it!-
P babe the illest. flow sickest-
use less metaphore's than most niggaz. so nigga!_
i'm still touching the streetz & all of yo niggaz-
i'm a pro! spittin or chrome? go figure.-
you live? it's only gon get you ghost quicker-
& i heard you in the studio. sweet? your flow's bitter-
ain't no nigga like the one you got here!
so vigor. i got it locked here!-
the buck stops here. we run blocks here-
hit clubs they throw they hands up, like the cops here!-
from east 2 west coast, i spit so rediculous-
spaecial deliver this shit, like st. nichoalas-
conspicuous. you just made my shit-list-
breath on'em! triple team on'em!-
leave you leanin on ya man's. see how much you bleed on'em-
then, cut off his arms. make short-sleeves on'em-
talk slick get dealt wit! easy! believe me phillies-
run the city. who wit me?-